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19 Grote Markt
2000 Antwerpen

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Intensity Perfumes


Intensity labo

The Intensity perfumes are produced by perfume laboratories in the south of France, Grasse to be precise, which is the heart of the perfume industry. Exclusively the highest standard production houses with explicit knowledge in fine perfumery are qualified to create our perfumes. They meticulously respect in their working houses the perfumer’s formula. This working method and the fact they carefully keep the secrets of the most famous perfumes has granted them the reputation of “The templars of the perfume universe”.


One of these laboratories plays a significant role and belongs to the largest companies which distils flowers in Grasse.

This production house is a notorious wholesaler and is specialised in cultivating néroli and petit-grain, both essences which are mainly distilled out of orange blossoms. This laboratory produces as well essences from jasmin, roses, lavender and orange blossoms. Besides, néroli is a particular product with extremely high value and which is solely provided to a few enterprises in France.

Perfume is identity in a capsule, and it takes more than a good nose to convey the essence of that uniqueness. Familiarising with all the different traits of rose, jasmin, mimosa and other flowers that grow wild in the fields of Grasse, takes time. Creating fragrance is an act of passion derived from knowledge and precision.

The work of a perfumer consists in understanding resources, fusing them and then harmonising their different layers to create a new reality, one that blends in perfectly with the nature of its bearer. It takes generations to fine-tune this aptitude, as well as an open-mindedness towards its good-natured wealth. It’s the ultimate form of luxury.